Effie Yeaw Nature Center Proposed Wireless Tower Project

​A Public Hearing Is Scheduled at the Recreation and Park Commission for the Effie Yeaw Nature Center Proposed Wireless Tower Project.

Your attendance and participation is welcomed and encouraged at the Recreation and Park Commission meeting on July 22, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 854 6972 4079 

Passcode: 834574

Project Description: 

The proposed project is the installation of a communications tower in Ancil Hoffman Park to improve the wi-fi access for educational programs at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. 

Project Need: 

​The Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s current substandard communication infrastructure has created ongoing connectivity and communication issues including: 

  • external communication limitations,
  • digital program presentation connections,
  • Discovery Store transactions,​
  • and even site security.

​This much-needed technology up-grade will not only advance the Nature Center’s ability to deliver on current program and operations goals, it will allow the Nature Center to move forward with future, mission-driven projects to provide expanded programs and security for the Nature Center grounds

Type of Tower: ROHN 25G Guyed Tower

To clarify, this is not a cell tower but it is a microwave radio tower. The difference: Cell towers use antennas that are designed to broadcast strong RF energy in a wide pattern, so as to cover the entire surrounding area. The proposed tower is for a point-to-point data connection, using a narrow beam to precisely connect the two antennas on each side. The beam width is only several inches wide. There is no danger of RF energy exposure as you would need to be 70’ in the air and directly in front of the antennas.

More information: 

For more information please visit www.sacparks.net.  Documents will be posted the Friday prior to the meeting date. 


Q: Why not just use Comcast service like the neighbors use? 

A: EYNC is on the County’s private network. The County network is entirely separate from the internet, so a normal service line from a commercial ISP cannot be used. 

Q: Why not have EYNC be on its own network, outside of the County’s network? 

A: The County has received a bid to do so, and it is $165,000 to set up this service plus $700 a month ongoing for service. 

Q: Is this a cell tower? 

A: No, it is a microwave radio tower, with a point-to-point data connection; a narrow beam precisely connects the two antennas on each side. 

Q: Why don’t you place the tower at the golf course, or use a connection from the golf course? 

A: The County is currently using a dish to connect a signal from the golf course, but it does not provide reliable service.