Other Parks Districts

There are many local parks in Sacramento County that are not overseen by the Department of Regional Parks. These link below can lead you to more information about your local parks. 

District: Cordova Recreation & Park District

Park Name​​Park Address
​Argonaut Park​11825 Herodian Drive
​Countryside Park​3240 Glenmoor Drive, Sacramento
​Dave Robert's Park10805 Mapola Way​
​Eagle's Nest Park​11810 Chrysanthy Blvd
​Federspiel Park​2549 Chassela Way
​Gold River Park​11513 Gold Country Blvd, Gold River
​Gold Station Park​2360 New Eureka Way, Gold River
​Hagan Community Park​2197 Chase Drive
​Henley Park​9343 Henley Way, Sacramento
​Kavala Ranch Neighborhood Park​5100 Azalea Park Drive
​Larchmont / Rossmoor Park​10708 Ambassador Drive
​Larchmont Community Park​2449 Stanley Way, Sacramento
​Lincoln Village Park​3480 Routier Road, Sacramento
​Manlove Park​9150 Caldera Way, sacramento
​Mather Sports Complex​3755 Shriever Avenue
​Primerose Park​9122 Rose Parade Way, Sacramento
​Prospect Hill Park​11840 Prospect Hill Drive
​Renaissance​3125 Mowbray Way
​Riviera East Park​9580 Mira Del Rio Drive
​Rosemont Community Park​9326 Americana Drive, Sacramento
​Rosemont North Park​3224 Huntsman Drive, Sacramento
​Rosswood Park​9460 Achates Circle, Sacramento
​Salmon Falls Park​8964 Salmon Falls Drive, Sacramento
​Sandpiper Park​11830 Applolon Drive
​Sonoma Park​10750 Agria Court
​Stone Creek Community Park​3625 Spoto Drive
​Sun Ridge Neighborhood Park​4041 Borderlands Drive
​Sun River Park​11120 Moose River Drive
​Taylor Park​2238 West La Loma Drive
​The Village Green​3141 Bridgeway Drive
​Tuscany Park​3460 Corvina Drive
​Veteran's Park4530 Excelsior Rd
​Waterbrook Park​Water Brook Drive
​White Rock Community Park / Clubhouse10488 White Rock Rd​


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