​Other Parks Districts

There are many local parks in Sacramento County that are not overseen by the Department of Regional Parks. The link below can lead you to more information about your local parks. 

District: Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District 

Park Name​

​Park Address

​Ashton Park

​Ashton Drive north of American River Drive

​Cowan School Park

​South of Whitney Avenue, east of Bercerra

​Del Paso Manor School Park

​Avalon Drive, north of El Camino Avenue

​Eastern Oak Park

​Eastern Avenue, between Silvercrest and Robertson Drive

​Gibbons Park

​Bibbons Drive, east of Edison Avenue

​Greer School Park

​North of Hurley, east of Bell Street

​Hazelwood Park

​North of Hazelwood Drive east of Bell Street

​Maddox Park

​Thor Way north of Arden Way

​Mission North Park

​East of Mission Ave south of Whitney Ave

​Oak Meadow Park

​Between Clunie and Moffat south of American River Drive

​Orville Wright Park

St. Marks Way south of El Camino east of Watt Ave​

Pacific Hight Sch Sports Cmplx​

​3701 Stephan Dr south of Bolivar by Don Julio

​Shelfield Park

​West of Suffolk Way

​Swanston Park

​South of Northrop Ave west of Carro Way

Valley Oak Park

​Eastern Ave south of Arden Way east of Watt Ave

​Windmere Park

​Windmere Ln north of Arden Way west of Eastern Ave

A Lone Egret 

A Dog Walk  The Consumnes River