About Us

Liz Bellas, Director
10361 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95827

Sacramento County's Department of Regional Parks maintains and operates more than 15,000 acres of parks throughout the County. Our open spaces, multi-use trails, sports facilities, golf courses, river access and picnic areas offer outdoor adventure for every taste. We have developed strong partnerships with our volunteer and non-profit partners, with steady support from our elected officials. The heart and soul of our operations is our people - nearly one hundred employees who keep our parks safe, vibrant and inviting.

Department Overview

1959 - The Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance establishing a Department of Parks and Recreation. The charge of the department was to provide a county-wide system of parks facilities which would provide recreational opportunities for the region and manage the budding American River Parkway.

1972 - A $12.6 million bond act passed that was instrumental in our growth.                

1975 - 1995 - the Parks system increased the total acreage managed by the Department by 250 percent.

1995 - The department was renamed The Department of Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space to better express our commitment to open space preservation. 

2006 - ​The Department was renamed Regional Parks as part of an enhanced marketing effort and new vision for the park system.

2009 - Regional Parks​ Department celebrates its 50th Anniversary