Ranger Stewardship Program


The Sacramento County Park Rangers are organized so that each Ranger has ownership and provides stewardship of a particular area of the American River Parkway. The attached map​ identifies each Ranger and the territory they cover. Rangers are available by email (see below) if you want to communicate a concern or an issue or point out a problem along their section of the Parkway. Rangers will acknowledge your email and respond to the concern as soon as possible. Rangers are fully sworn officers and have authority in dealing with crime and disorder, vandalism, graffiti, and other enforcement issues. Maintenance concerns or any other situations relating to the enhancement or quality of the Parkway can be brought to their attention.
When you contact us:

  • Please be specific about the location of your concern. Rangers will be able to respond more efficiently.
  • Mile markers are located along the Parkway. Use them to locate your position.
  • Remember, if the situation is an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Thank you,
Michael Doane
Chief Ranger

Upper American River Parkway

Area Commander 

Sergeant Nanfito

Sarah Court to Sailor​​ Bar

​Ranger Drumm
Ranger Marques

Chase Drive Access to Hazel

Ranger Schubinschubint@saccounty.net​
Ranger Perez
​Ranger Zamora

Middle American River Parkway

Area 1 Commander

Sergeant Herringtonherringtonl@saccounty.net​​

Watt Avenue to Riverbend

Ranger Bennett
Ranger McKeonmckeonr@saccounty.net​​

Campus Commons to William B Pond

Ranger Stewartstewartc@saccounty.net​
Ranger Smilliesmillier@saccounty.net​
​Ranger Eriksen

Lower American River Parkway

Area Commander

Sergeant Nelson​nelsonan​@saccounty.net​

Cal Expo to Campus Commons

Ranger McGeorge​mcgeorgec@saccounty.net
Ranger Olveda​​olvedag@saccounty.net​


Ranger Pollard​pollardj@saccounty.net​
​Ranger Jepsen

Archery Range to Camp Polluck

Ranger Bardosh
Ranger Mejiamaciasj@saccounty.net​

Lower River

Area 2 Commander

Sergeant Bickel​bickelr@saccounty.net​

Sutter's Landing to Watt Avenue ​​

Ranger Coleman
Ranger Williamswilliamsj@saccounty.net
​Ranger Elster

Discovery Park/Bannon Island/Twin Rivers Trail 

Ranger Hillhillh@saccounty.net​​
​Ranger Rubiorubioa@saccounty.net​
Ranger Vidalvidalr@saccounty.net​

Regional Parks 

Area Commander

Sergeant Marzan​

Delta Properties/Deer Creek Hills/Mather Preserve

Ranger Leuvano​leuvanoj@saccounty.net​​
​Ranger Piazza

Dry Creek Parkway

Ranger Cannon​cannonj@saccounty.net​
​Ranger​ Woodwoodmi@saccounty.net​