Entrance and Annual Pass Fees


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Vehicle Entrance Fees:
If no one is working at the entrance kiosk, be sure to self-pay your vehicle; look for the self-payment stand. Park rangers strictly enforce self-payment and will ticket vehicles not displaying payment stub. Exact change is recommended.



Summer Holiday Weekend Vehicle Fees are increased an additional $3 on the following dates:
Easter Sunday, April 417 (2022)
Memorial Day Weekend: May 28, 29, and 30​
4th of July Holiday and Weekend, July 3, 4, and 5
Labor Day Weekend: September  4, 5, and 6

$8 ​

Non-motorized Watercraft $3 (plus vehicle fee)
Motorized Watercraft $5 (plus vehicle fee)
Trailer/RV $5 (plus vehicle fee)
Bus $20


Annual Parks Pass


Vehicle pass


Motorized Watercraft and Trailer pass (also includes vehicle)


Non-Motorized Watercraft (Raft/Kayak/Canoe) pass (also includes vehicle)


Horse Trailer pass (also includes vehicle)


Low Income Annual Parks Pass (Application & Proof of Eligibility Required)

​Low income vehicle pass


​Low income motorized watercraft pass