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Enjoy the great outdoors and help others do the same as a Park Ranger Supervisor, Park Ranger or Park Ranger Assistant for the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks. Sacramento County Regional Parks is a POST certified agency. 

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​Park Ranger Supervisor

Park Ranger Supervisors are designated peace officers and are expected to work under minimal management supervision and instruction, and to exercise considerable independent judgment and initiative while supervising and coordinating the work of operational and other staff performing tasks related to assisting the public in the use of recreation facilities, protecting the parks and their natural resources, and patrolling the parks to ensure public safety. 

In addition to supervising employees, incumbents in this class also assist in the management of the County Regional Parks System by making recommendations on park improvements and abatement of hazards, assisting with the preparation of the annual budget, providing information to community groups on programs and activities of the Parks System. Incumbents in this class report to a Chief Park Ranger or other management personnel.

Park Ranger

County Parks Rangers are fully sworn Peace Officers.  Park Rangers assist the public in the use of recreation facilities, to protect the parks and their natural resources, and to patrol the parks to ensure public safety. Incumbents of these positions carry firearms and have the authority and responsibilities of peace officers. Park Rangers, under direction, may be assigned lead work responsibility over one or more Park Ranger Assistants and/or Park Maintenance Aids.

Gain Experience to Become a Park Ranger

Park Ranger Assistant - Under supervision, Park Ranger Assistants help with park visitors, park protection, and interpretive park activities. They are primarily used during peak seasons when the number of visitors increases.  Park Ranger Assistants are not peace officers, have no law enforcement authority, and do not carry firearms.

We are currently hiring for the Park Ranger Assistant clas​sification. The final cut off date for this position is June 11, 2021. To apply for this position, visit SacCountyJobs.net.

Recruitment for Park Ranger ​classifications​ is not open; however, recruitment will open up again shortly. If you would like to be notified when recruitment opens please visit the County of Sacramento, Department of Personnel Services, Employment Services Division's website at www.saccountyjobs.net.  Click on the class specification and fill out a job interest card for the position. When your interest card is submitted, then you will receive an e-mail notification once recruitment opens. When recruitment opens, you will be required to ​submit a County application and any other required documentation.

If you have any questions, please call the County of Sacramento, Department of Personnel Services, Employment Services Division at 916/874-5593 or email employoffice@saccounty.net.

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