Other Parks Districts

There are many local parks in Sacramento County that are not overseen by the Department of Regional Parks. These links below can lead you to more information about your local parks.

District: City of Folsom  

Park Name​

​Park Address

​Amos P Caitlin Park

​825 Russi Road

​BT Collins Park

​828 Willow Creek Drive

​Beacon Hill Park

​505 Rockport Circle

​Briggs Ranch Park

​125 Manseau

Bud & Artie Davies Park

​290 American River Canyon

​Cambridge Place Mini-park

​197 Wellfleet Way

​Chadwick Mini-Park

​179 Chadwick Way

​Cobble Hills Mini-Park

​124 1/2 Rockbolt Circle

​Cummings Family Park

​1775 Creekside Drive

​Ed Mitchell

​308 Willow Creek South

​Egloff Family Park

​114 Hollyann Drive

​Ernie Sheldon Sports Complex

​362 Natoma Street

​Folsom City Zoo /Park

​401 Stafford Way

​Folsom Kids Play

​201 Prewalt Drive

​Garden Club Mini-Park

​1105 Mormon Street

​Hannaford Family Park

​119 Lakeside Way

​Hazel McFarland Park

​1780 E Natoma Street

​Hinkle Creek Nature Area

​7100 Baldwin Dam Road

​John Kemp Park

​1322 Bundrick Drive

​Keller Mini-Park

​179 Keller Circle

​Kilsby Mini-Park

​111 Kilsby Way

Lembi Park

​1302 Riley Way

​Levy Park

​701 Levy Road

​Lew Howard Park

​71007100 Baldwin Dam Road

​Livermore Park

​6004 Riley Street

​Mann Family Park

​1051 Black Diamond Drive

​Natoma Station Mini-Park A

Whistle Stop Way and Turnpike​

Natoma Station Mini-Park B​

Blossom Circle and John Henry Circle​

​Niesenan Community Park

​Golf Links Drive

Northridge Park​

​Gastman Way

​Phillip C Cohn Park

​100 Prewett Drive

​Phoenix Park

​Hazel Avenue and Kriuthof

​Plaza Park

​Fair Oaks Blvd and California Ave

​Preserve Mini-Park

​1200 Sutter Street

​Prewett Mini-Park

Kilsby Way

​Reflections Mini-Park

​11 Ocborough Drive

​Rodeo Park

​200 Stafford Street

​Rollingwood Park

​Winding oaks Ave and Main Ave

​Steepleshase Mini-Park

​179 Arbuckle Avenue

​The Shores Mini-Park

​100 Hazelmere Drive

​Thorndike Mini-Park

​219 Wellfleet Circle

​Windsor Park

​131 Pembury Way


A Lone Egret 

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